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To get in contact with our team, please call us on 0844 800 3919 or 0207 265 1144.

Same Day Visas, a service run by ICS Legal who provides fast track premium service on some of the in-country applications. The premium service allows the Home Office to make a decision on your immigration matter within one day.

Fast track legal services provided by ICS Legal ensure decisions are made in one day. Once you appoint us as your legal representative, we will do all the work from completion of application forms to cross referencing your documents to representation letters. The following applications we can do on the same day fast track premium services by ICS Legal.

Fast Track Premium Legal Services for Points-based system
  1. Tier 1 (post-study worker).
  2. Tier 1 (highly skilled workers, also known as general).
  3. Tier 2 (skilled workers, also known as general).
  4. Tier 2 (intra-company transfers).
  5. Tier 2 (ministers of religion).
  6. Tier 2 (sportspeople).
  7. Tier 5 (charity workers).
  8. Tier 5 (creative and sporting).
  9. Tier 5 (religious workers).
  10. Tier 5 (government authorised exchange).
  11. Tier 5 (international agreement).
  12. Dependents of migrants who have leave in points-based system categories - form PBS (Dependant).
  13. Transfer of conditions for individuals who have permission to remain under the points-based system.

    Settlement Applications under the fast track premium legal representatives services

    All settlement applications can be done on a same day process. The above are some of the applications we can do. Please note where it is mandatory to provide bio-metric data, we are unable to process the application. No Legal Representative are allowed to do these types of applications. For further information, please contact the ICS Legal team on 0844 800 3919.

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